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  • The international student submits a form to reserve university-provided rental accommodation.

    Conditions and regulations:
    • Pets are not allowed inside the residence.
    • Smoking and consumption of alcohol is prohibited inside the housing.
    • - The tenant is delivered a clean and equipped room well, and the residents bear the responsibility for cleaning and maintaining their own rooms during
    • Their stay.
    • - The monthly rent amount must be paid at the beginning of each month.
    • - The tenant, who postpones the payment of the monthly rent for more than two weeks, is required to end his residence in the housing.
    • - The failure to pay the accumulated housing fees leads to the deprivation of the registration of the courses and the receipt of the degrees or certificates
    • Attendance as well as ending
    Education & Research
    No fees
    Service Provider
    Scholarship and Tuition Fees Department

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