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  • Application submitted by any normal or legal person to obtain a contract for the exploitation license of the patent for which a certificate of patent has been granted by the registrar.

    Conditions and regulations:
    • - The request is submitted after the expiration of a period of 4 years of submitting a protection application for innocence or 3 years after the date of obtaining the patent
    • - If a judicial or administrative body decides that the method of exploitation by the owner of the innocence or the licensee is not competitive and the minister is convinced that the exploitation of the invention by granting him the compulsory license will stop this practice, and he may before the grant of grants to hear the owner of the innocence or any person with interest.
    • - If the public interest requires that.
    • - If the innocence owner is practicing his exclusive rights in an arbitrary or short manner in taking measures to prevent the licensee by him from exercising exclusive rights in an arbitrary image
    • - If the invention is not available in adequate quantities or quality or affordable prices due to manufacturing in the Sultanate or because of import>
    • - If there is another innocence request (the second innocence) that involves an advanced artistic invention, and it has an economic importance
    • A matter for the invention demanded in the first innocence, which cannot be infringed without exploiting the second innocence
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