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  • Offering usufruct lands to small and medium enterprises in coordination with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning.

    Conditions and regulations:
    • The lands are granted the right to use for small and medium enterprises based on the Ministry of Housing Decision No. 12/2016 in accordance with the following conditions:
    • 1- That the institution be fully owned by an Omani citizen
    • 2- That the Foundation's main headquarters be in the Sultanate of Oman
    • 3- That the owner of the institution be free to its departments
    • 4- That the institution is registered with the Small and Medium Enterprises DeveloPMent Authority
    • 5- All partners must be emptied in the event of partnership
    • 6- Not holding government land with the right to use.
    Business & Finance
    Without the service provision fees Determine according to the area granted after obtaining the ground.
    Service Provider
    Department of Development and Empowerment

Offical Contact:

Tel: 22022222 968+