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  • The Entrepreneurship Card, issued by the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority, offers numerous benefits to its holders across various sectors. Its primary objectives revolve around supporting small and medium enterprises by providing a range of privileges through collaborations with both governmental and private entities.

    Conditions and regulations:
    • That the institution be registered with the Small and Medium Enterprises DeveloPMent Authority.
    • That the Foundation's main headquarters be within the Sultanate’s borders.
    • The institution should not be affiliated or a branch of a large institution.
    • The Foundation should not have previously obtained an entrepreneurial card during the two years before the date of submitting the application and was assigned to any means
    • The owner of the institution to be extracted from the entrepreneurial card has previously obtained a business card for another institution owned by him or for an institution in which he is a partner during the past two years.
    • That the institution be fully owned by full -time Omani individuals to manage the institution and registered in the Public Authority for Social Insurance, and the retirees are excluded.
    • That the full -time owner/owners of the Foundation are registered in social insurance as an employer, and the retirees or those who exceed the age of (60) sixty years are excluded from the registration requirement
    • The entrepreneurial card may be issued to government employees who benefit from Resolution No. 2/2016 regarding the regulations for allowing government employees to devote himself to establishing and managing their own institutions issued by the Ministry of Labor, during the period of benefiting from the decision only.
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