Related Services

  • A service to approve the property ownership in the event that the owner is not registered in the real estate registry and preceded the year 1970

    Conditions and regulations:
    • - The presence of buildings in any form on the ground (for example: Tibi House, and Old Rechers), dating back before 1970 AD
    • - The presence of an existing farmer and agricultural effects (example wells, and old legs).
    Business & Finance
    Housing & Planning
    Post office services: 5,000 OMR - Drawing and registering the king: 25,000 OMR
    Service Provider
    General Directorates of Housing and Urban Planning in the Governorates (Muscat - Dhofar - Musandam - Al Buraimi - Al Dakhiliyah - North Al Batinah - South Al Batinah - South Al Sharqiyah - North Al Sharqiyah - Al Dhahirah - Al Wusta)

Offical Contact:

Tel: 80000099 968+