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  • This service allows citizens with low incomes a residential loan to buy, build or complete an existing house. The loan is paid in monthly installments and without benefits.

    Conditions and regulations:
    • The applicant must be:
    • Omani nationality
    • To be married or a family, and that he is not less than 21 years old
    • - Not to be an owner or his wife for any property or land equivalent to the value of the residential loan
    • - He should not be an owner, or his wife, a residence housing, or he disposed of any kind of legal actions in order to benefit from the loan.
    • He or his wife had to have benefited from a residential loan or residential assistance
    • He should not be an employee in the provision of a housing loan system for its employees
    • - The total monthly salary should be between 301 to 500 Omani riyals
    Business & Finance
    Housing & Planning
    No fees
    Service Provider
    Social Housing Department and Projects

Offical Contact:

Tel: 80000099 968+