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  • An electronic window to receive complaints and communications received by the agency and related to violations of the laws, regulations and decisions in force by the entities subject to its control, or negligence or failure to perform the duties of the public office or prejudice to public money in limiting and correcting such violations, by persons (natural or legal) against one of the entities subject to being monitored by the relevant authority, complaints and reports are received by specialized employees, sorted, recorded, and the necessary action is taken in this regard.

    Conditions and regulations:
    • • That the complaint or report is related to an act that affects the state’s public money or involve an administrative violation.
    • • That the complaint or the communication be related to one of the authorities subject to the supervision of the state’s financial and administrative control agency.
    • • That the complainant verb has not fell to challenge it legally (statute of limitations).
    • • That the complaint should not be pending before the judiciary or a judicial ruling.
    • • Not to have previously complained and offered to the device and decreased, except in the event of develoPMents in the complaint or the availability of new evidence about it.
    • • The device is not obligated to announce the actions it takes regarding the reported violations.
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