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  • The aim of this service is to register the ownership of a property in one of the integrated tourism complexes in the Sultanate. The applicant (the existing company or the owner of the residential units in the tourist complex that sells the property) must submit all documents for each person wishing to own a property or a housing unit. Whether it is a natural or legal person, if the buyer is not Omani, to obtain the initial approval.

    Conditions and regulations:
    • There should be no legal restrictions on the property
    • - Update the surveying, as it requires it.
    • - If the Omani buyer provides a message not only from transferring the property in his name by the developed company.
    Business & Finance
    Housing & Planning
    -Draw the service form: (25) OMR. Drawing of the ownership bond: (10) OMR. Contract fee: (2) OMR. - (3%) of the value of the sale of the property.
    Service Provider
    Secretariat of Real Estate Registry

Offical Contact:

Tel: 80000099 968+