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  • The aim of this service is to register ownership of a property in the event that the buyer is one of the citizens of the Council, so that this service consists of four main procedures: security verification of citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council states, verification of the property, registration of the sale contract, And the issuance of the title deed.

    Conditions and regulations:
    • The property should not be reserved or mortgaged.
    • The citizens of the GCC states are allowed to own more than one residential land except for citizens of the United Arab Emirates
    • Of Omani origins, they are allowed to buy only one piece, and if it is proven that they acted with it, they are allowed to buy another property.
    • While the citizens of the states are allowed
    • - The service is only provided to the citizens of the GCC countries over 21 years old
    • By buying a property and the ownership is shared with the mother or parent in the case
    • The council is less than 21 years old
    • Buying the property.
    • - Space land investment is not allowed until after the lapse of a 4 -year period after purchase
    • - At least one building on the ground must be built in the event of the sale of the property within a period of 4 years from the date of purchase.
    Business & Finance
    Housing & Planning
    - Drawing the service form: (25) OMR, does not recover after completing the payment process. Drawing of the ownership bond: (10) OMR. Contract fee: (2) OMR. - (3%) of the value of the sale of the property.
    Service Provider
    Secretariat of Real Estate Registry

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