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  • In the event that the insured employee is appointed to one of the agencies that apply the post-service pensions, pensions and rewards to the Omani government employees and subject to the provisions of this law, the authority shall be paid to him only the end -of "&"-service reward that is due for the previous service period directly to subscribe to insurance in accordance with the text of Article (20/4) of the law The proceeds of the contributions that were led by the authority are transferred to the period of subsc"&"ription to insurance to the authority that has become a laboratory of its law in accordance with what is required by Article (30) of the Social Insurance Law, and the entity is (the retirement fund of the employees of the Royal Court of the Court) based o"&"n the desire of the beneficiary.

    Conditions and regulations:
    • -Enrolling one of the government agencies that apply the pension and reward law
    • -End of service
    • That the employer has paid off the reward
    • The reward is paid to him at the same value
    • When registered in the authority
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