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  • A service provided for Omanis (in and outside the country) and foreigners in Oman to register births and issue birth certificates

    Conditions and regulations:
    • - Reporting the incident within two weeks from the date of birth within the Sultanate.
    • - In the event of birth outside the Sultanate, the incident is reported within three months if the period of residence is more than a month, and within fifteen days from the date of arrival to the Sultanate if the residence is less than a month.
    • The name of the Omani baby must be registered with the Omani norms and metaphors.
    • - The origin of the marriage contract and a logic from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to non -Omanis
    Safety & Security
    Child & Family
    Citizenship & Residency
    - 2 OMR. - Real for its additional copies.
    Service Provider
    General Administration of Passports and Civil Status

Offical Contact:

Tel: 22848223