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  • Request to obtain a document certifying that the product complies with the standard specifications for general use or trading in the markets of the Sultanate of Oman

    Conditions and regulations:
    • Facility obligations:
    • • To be licensed to carry out the activity for manufacturing the product
    • • That the commodity produced by the facility be identical to the standard and/ or the technical regulations in force.
    • • All the necessary facilities must be provided to specialists when evaluating the facility and withdrawing random samples and during the licensing procedures and providing them with all the information required to grant the license
    • • Carry out the required tests in the directorate's laboratories if the department's employees are requested
    • • In the event that the possibility of examination is not available in the directorate's laboratories, it is permissible to conduct in internationally accredited laboratories with the directorate, or government laboratories or laboratories of the establishment under the supervision of the conformity department.
    • • The quality monitoring plan is to be developed in agreement with the conformity department.
    • • The notification of the conformity circle on the adjustments related to the commodity, production equiPMent, or monitoring equiPMent.
    Business & Finance
    750 OMR for the first year, 650 OMR for the second year, 500 OMR for the third year and the following 50 OMR for the field visit
    Service Provider
    Conformity Department

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Tel: 80000070 968+