Eid Mubarak

Your guide to joyful and blessed days

Eid Holiday Announcement



    Eid Kiswa


    Spread the joy by donating money to a charity or giving your clothes a new lease on life through:



    Habtah is Back in Season!

    The pre-eid open-air souk “Habtah” is a special tradition that encapsulates the essence of Omani culture. It is a unique seasonal market held three days before Eid and offers an unforgettable experience.




    Find the Nearest Musalla





    Roads Safety News and Latest Updates


    Stay safe by following the relevant official accounts and turning on the notifications to get live updates on traffic and road conditions. 




    Oman Radio & TV

    Follow the live broadcast of the Eid prayer and the live Eid program from the Radio and TV of Oman.




    Eid’s Feast

    The Omani Eid table features traditional dishes like Omani coffee, Halwa,  Arsiya, and harees. To learn how to make these and more



    And because Eid isn't complete without Shuwa and the cherished social gatherings, do not forget to spread the blessings by donating to ensure everyone's table is filled with goodness.


    Holiday Getaways for Family and Friends

    Before choosing your destination, check the latest weather forecast on Oman Meteorology's official account.

    Plan your itinerary and explore various local destinations and museums in all governorates.

    Useful Apps



    You can now, through Mawashi App ask for the sacrifice according to your specific characteristics and will be delivered to your home, Or you can order and receive the carcass from the slaughterhouse without waiting.



    Kiswa is a gathering, recycling, and distribution service for used clothes that work with certified charities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to support people in need.

    food bank


    Dayma Platform is one of the modern initiatives of the Omani Food Bank aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of food collection and distribution processes for individuals and families in need in the Sultanate of Oman