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The service is rendered by the Ministry of Housing to the nationals willing to acquire residential land

Who can request this service

The nationals

Steps to follow to request the service

A. Process Steps:
  1. -The Postal Office ( to complete the form )
  2. Forward to the land Directorate
  3. Forward to The Land data department
  4. Announce in the local newspapers
  5. Draw the public lots
  6. Approve the draw
  7. Collect the fees for the land
  8. Finally forward the application to the real estate registry
B. List all forms/applications that need to be completed to apply for the service:
  • Application for of the residential Land lot

What documents are needed to process

  1. Copy of the valid passport
  2. Copy of the valid I.D
  3. Recent certification of the employment for non residents of the area or governorate attested by the concerned party ( duly stamped original )
  4. If the applicant is woman , the following shall be enclosed in addition to the above documents :
    • Legal affidavit stating the social status ( duly stamped original )
    • Copy of the valid passport and I.D of the applicant’s father
    • Employment or non employment certificate of the sons + copy of the marriage contracts
  5. In case the land lot is applied for at the Governorate or region that he doesn’t descend or belong to or his work place is there , the following documents shall be submitted :
  • The applicant’s birth certificate
  • Study certificate for four consecutive years.
  • Rental contract for the last two years prior to the application
  • Birth and study certificates of the sons and daughters

( the ministry may ask for any other document as deemed necessary)

Special conditions if any applicable

Granting residential land as per the following conditions:
  • The applicant must be of Omani nationality. Not less than (23) years of age and if he is married he should not be less than (21) years of age or shall be the only breadwinner for his family.
  • The land requested must be in the province or region to which he belongs or in his place of work (and shall not to a particular plot of land)
  • He shall not have been granted previously any residential land or a social house.
  • The application shall be canceled if it is proved that the applicant has already been given a plot of residential land or social house or passed away before the drawing of lots.
  • Shall draw the lots as in the schedule, and pay fees for the land within three months from the date of the draw or otherwise consider the application null and void unless there is an acceptable excuse by the ministry ,and he may submit a new application two years later.
  • The plot shall be granted when or where it is available in each province or region and as per the housing plans, and priority of request.

How the service is processed

The submission date of the application form as stamped by the postal office , the applicant will be notified on newspapers in case his application is accepted . If his application is declined ,it will be returned via mail and he will be called on the contact telephones registered in the application .

How long will it take

The time- The time- frame for the application processing can’ t be determined due to connection to other obligations such as the availability of the land plots and several concerned authorities actions

Fee to be paid

Description Fee to be paid Places of Payment
1.5 RO Postal Office
for the social insurance families 500 biases Postal Office

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