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The objective of this goal is:

2.A: Ensure that, by 2015, children everywhere, boys and girls alike, will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling

Since His Majesty took the lead of Oman, the Sultanate has witnessed a wide-range prosperity in the educational system, as it believes in the integrated relation between education and sustainable development and believes in its people as they are the bones of development in the society. Thus, the number of schools has increased and deployed throughout Oman, which contributed to raising the level of education and reducing literacy rates. Moreover, there has been wide expansion of establishing schools in remote areas and in areas poor of services and facilities. Literacy programs have been activated, expanded, and improved all over Oman as well. In addition, programs of merging disabled with their partners in governmental schools has widely spread, as well as the spread of applying the basic education system and improving its curricula. The Sultanate, moreover, has made a wide effort in developing post-primary education along with its programs and policies for the sake of the promotion of education in Oman.

Regarding illiteracy, the Government has exerted efforts to combat illiteracy in Oman. Despite of the challenges faced of unwillingness of joining such literacy centers, teachers’ unwillingness of moving to remote areas to teach illiterate people, or the drop out of students from these centers, the Sultanate has overcome such challenges by setting its strategies and plans. The Ministry of Education, moreover, has carried out two projects for literacy: project of “experiencing voluntary teachers to teach in literacy centers,” established in 2002, and project of “Learning Village,” established in 2004 in Al-Miraisy village in Barka.

Oman has also paid special attention to universal primary education, which is the second goal of MDG that the world has agreed to achieve by 2015. For this, Ministry of Education has reduced “grade one” enrollment age in the schools to be of 5 years and 10 months for governmental school and of 5 and half years for private schools. According to the National Center for Information and Statistics, the net enrollment ratio in primary education reached 98.2% in 2013, while it was 83.8% in 1993. Moreover, the percentage of pupils who complete their primary education was about 99.1% in 2014 compared to 89.8% in 1990, which reflects the Sultanate’s efforts in achieving this goal.

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