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Graph about National Data Center project

The National Data Centre (NDC) designed and set-up by the Information technology Authority (ITA) was officially inaugurated on the 3rd of May 2009. The Center aims at Integrating with other eOman projects to form the base of eOman infrastructure in order to have high level of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. It also provides the latest Government eServices 24/7 including both logical and physical securities.

NDC main benefits are:

  • Providing rack space for government entities primary/DR sites.
  • Increasing efficiency and reducing cost.
  • Providing safe environment for Government eService 24/7.
  • Providing security and confidentiality for government data.
  • Providing high availability with high speed connectivity to the government network and other systems.

NDC main services

  • Unmanaged Co-location Services: Providing rack space and controlled environment to host primary or disaster recovery solutions for government entities.
  • Managed Storage and Backup Services: Providing storage space and carrying out all the backups as per client requirements.
  • Managed Backup Tape Vaulting: On-Site and Off-Site backup tape storage in fireproof safes.

NDC contains a number of systems:

  • Power Systems.
  • Cooling Systems.
  • Fire Suppression.
  • Security Systems.
  • Monitoring Systems.
  • Storage Systems.
  • Network Systems.

Establishment of a state of the art NDC for the Government and the people of Oman will provide improved efficiency and will improve business assurance. Public sector systems will also achieve improved integration and scalability of application. NDC also provides adequate levels of confidentiality, integrity, availability and privacy of citizen data that is held in e-government systems while operating the equipment reliably, even under the worst circumstances.

NDC also provides reliable infrastructure for ITA-led initiatives such as the Security Infrastructure, E-Payment Gateway and Public Key Infrastructure.

Source: Information Technology Authority

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