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This section provides information about the various Islamic services such as pilgrimage support, Quran education, Fatwas and Waqf, fund contributions, donation contribution to Zakat accounts in various banks and online payment of contributions to charitable organisations in Oman through the e-Payment Gateway. Click on links below for more details.

Admonishment and Exhortation (Arabic only)
Quranic Schools (Arabic only)
Fatwas (Arabic only)
Khotba ALjumaa (Arabic only)

  • Allocation a piece of land to construct a school
  • Appointing Teachers in the Public Schools through the Ministry
  • Auction Dates Palms from Endowments
  • Build or Maintain Government School
  • Getting Permit to Preacher or a Religious Guide from Abroad
  • Maintaining Apartments of Endowments
  • Maintaining and Restoring Mosques that have endowments
  • Maintenance and Restoration of shops subordinated to Endowments or Bait Al Mal
  • Nominate for International Competitions
  • Outsourcing Foreign Cleaners for Mosques
  • Permit for Deepening Wells belonging to the Bait Al Mal or Endowments
  • Permit to Deliver Lectures, Lessons, or Speeches
  • Permit to issue a power of attorney
  • Register Schools for Summer Quran classes
  • Register as Hajj contractor
  • Renew Endowments property lease contract
  • Renewal of a Cleaner’s Labor Card
  • Renting Real Estate (Commercial / Apartment)
  • Request certificate for Converting into Islam
  • Request Zakat (Alms) Fund
  • Request for Investing Funds belonging to Endowments
  • Request for Investing a Real Estate (Land or an Existing Building)
  • Request to get a Fatwa (Islamic Rule)
  • Requesting Books Published in The office of Grandmufti Libraries or Distributed
  • Requesting the Ministry’s Religious publications
  • Review books and scientific materials

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