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The Sultanate as an independent state seeks preserving peace and security in its land as an attempt to simplify the livelihoods for the citizens and the residents. The Basic Law of the Sultanate has regulated all the related affairs to safety and security by legislating laws and regulations some of which exist in the following points:

The regulations of occupational safety and health

This law aims at laying a solid foundation for guaranteeing the occupational safety and security for the workers of the institutions. The ministry of manpower emphasizes that the law is applied in details in all the institutions.

Traffic Law

Traffic Law is set to regulate the use of the roads in addition to systemizing the traffic code. It contains the related legislations such as vehicles registration and driving licenses.

Consumer Protection Law

The Regulations under the Consumer Protection Law-Arabic Only

This law covers the regulations of the purchasing and serving businesses in a way that guarantees the consumers rights. It designs the specifications of presenting data in the goods as well as providing guarantees.

Common Customs Law of the GCC States Rules of Implementation and Explanatory Notes

This law determines porting and exporting systems and the customs issues and employees’ rights in this sector.

Foreigners’ Residence law -Arabic Only

The foreigners’ residence law regulates the mechanism of their move in and out of the sultanate besides the terms and conditions of issuing visas as well as the reasons of deportation from the Sultanate and the issue of the political asylum.

Electronic Transactions Law
Information Security Framework

This law concerns of any contract, agreement or communication to be fully or partially implemented by electronic means as electronic messages to guarantee the legality and credibility of the transactions. In the other side the Information Security Framework covers the misuse and trespass of Information Technology tools along with forgery and information fraud.

Arms and Ammunition Act -Arabic Only

This law has to do with the issues of selling and maintaining arms and ammunition as well as the process of exporting and importing them. It covers moreover the sanctions in the cases of law breaking.

Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act – Arabic only

Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act discusses the issues of the ownership or production of the drugs in addition of their usage in the medical substances and the assigned sanctions.

Regulating practicing additional security activities – Arabic only Safety and Security Services Institution is under a supervision of Royal Oman Police officers, the purpose of which is to ensure the safety and protection of life, funds and property via offering security services for public and private sectors. As per the effective role the institution is playing along with its distinctive presence, the uniform of its privates has been designed with compliance with Royal Oman Police.

Such laws and policies is a mere translation of the Sultanate’s extreme efforts to keep Oman and its people safe.

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