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Immigration and Visa

Directorate General of Passport & Residence

Directorate General of Passport and Residence affiliated to ROP works on all processes and topics related to immigration, visa and other tasks. It issues visas and road permits from its main office at the ROP Force Headquarters and the regional sections.

Visa types and requirements
Visa application service
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Human Trafficking

National Committee for Combating Human Trafficking

The Committee has been established to set up an action plan to combat trafficking in persons in coordination with the authorities concerned. It coordinates with all authorities concerned in Oman, international agencies and organizations concerned to set up rules and procedures to combat transnational crimes of trafficking in persons. It cares of setting up care and rehabilitation programs to help the victims to integrate rapidly with the community besides carrying out relevant studies and researches, media campaigns to combat trafficking in persons, and to protect the victims. The committee has been tasked with the job of carrying out any other works in the trafficking in persons assigned to by the Cabinet of Ministers. The committee assures Oman’s adherence to combating human trafficking in all its forms. It emphasizes as well its commitment to work side by side with the various international and regional organizations in this respect.

You can also read more on the related laws through:
Royal Decree No. 126/2008 on issuance of the Anti-Trafficking Law.
To know more about the committee visit its website , and to report about human trafficking crime press here or call the hotline 1444.

Porosity of Borders

Security authorities concentrate on preventing borders porosity and make sure that the border is secured. The concerned authorities seek an obvious reduction for this phenomenon as for the Sultanate has the power to protect its land from any attack or a violation as stated in the Basic Statute of the State “Preserving the State's independence and sovereignty, protecting its security and stability, and defending it against all forms of aggression”. In article 5, Oman Penal Code stated that “Omani territory includes the air layer it covers” means the Omani airspace.

Foreigners’ Residency Code has been issued to regulate entrance, exit and residency of foreigners in Oman, as well as the conditions in this respect. It covers besides the assigned punishments for those who violates the rules.

The Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Law

The Sultanate works in dedication to combat crime in all forms and all its related activities such as money laundering and financing terrorist acts. Thus, Royal Decree No. 79/2010 was stated to issue the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Law (Arabic only). The Financial Intelligence Unit at Royal Oman Police is dedicated to investigate on the money laundering and terrorism financing crimes and detect any related activities. They are receiving any reporting of suspected activities and act upon that to support defeating such crimes in Oman.

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