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Oman Environmental Services Holding Company “Be'ah” was legally commissioned by the Royal Decree No. (46/2009) to be responsible for various kinds of solid waste management in the Sultanate, including the following types of waste:

• Green Waste:

Basically gardens and parks waste, like dead and broken trees and grass. The effectiveness of using certain methods to manage this type of waste is currently under study.

• Electronic equipment waste:

Be'ah is currently working on a plan for the management of e-waste as part of the company's integrated services system, where the government and the company are aware of the serious damages this waste can cause to the environment and humans.

• Construction and demolition waste

The fact that the Sultanate is undergoing a pass boom in construction, will increase construction and demolition waste. Therefore, means of managing this waste efficiently are now being developed.

• End of life vehicles

Be'ah's "End of Life Vehicles' Department" will work on the establishment of a center to collect this type of waste to manage it.

• End of life tyres

Rubber is one of the most dangerous material to the environment and human, so the company had taken a step in advance to manage wasted tyres (which are the main source of rubber waste), and it will keep working on the development of this approach.

• Waste lead acid batteries

The company is keen to using internationally adopted methodologies in the way of managing batteries' waste, for it had taken into account that those batteries were classified as hazardous, and it is working on minimizing there impact on the environment.

Private sector initiatives

Be'ah is seeking to protect the environment and support the Omani economy, and therefore it encourages businessmen, companies and institutions of the private sector, that are interested to carry out waste management activities, to register their claims on the company's website.

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