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After taking college or university degree, Omanis move to job market, looking for a career that guarantees a good standard of living. Despite the extreme efforts that the Sultanate has exerted in providing decent work for all, the number of graduates from various disciplines are increasing, and thus increasing the number of jobseekers. In fact, the number of job seekers in Oman amounted to about 8% in 2014, according to the report issued by the World Economic Forum. Yet, the sultanate’s efforts remain to help jobseekers through a number of measures like: determine the percentage of Omanisation in private sector by 60% for granting work permits during the establishment phase, and launch soft loans programs for the implementation of small and medium projects. The government has also set an annual quota of jobs in public sector in order to contain jobseekers.

Concerned authorities have provided a number of services as well, either electronic or manual as follows:

Hiring jobseekers: A service that enables jobseekers to look for a job in the private sector according to the categories of: major, institution, and the governorate they would like to be located in.

Ministry of Manpower also provides the following services:

Job-seeking services: provided by the Ministry of Civil Service in order to avoid the manual job search.

Additionally, His Majesty, Sultan Qaboos, has given jobseekers a monthly grant of 150 RO under certain terms and conditions as a response to jobseekers’ demands in 2011. However, this grant has stopped now.

Moreover, the Ministry of Manpower and the Ministry of Civil Service provide SMS services and mobile phone applications to search for a job.

SMS Services

  • Interactive Q&A from the Ministry of Manpower
    Hotline: 80077000
    Omantel Call Center: 1234
    Oreedoo Call Center: 1500
  • Interactive Q&A from the Ministry of Civil Service
    For registration for six months (1 RO)
    For applying, Cancelling, Exam Appointment and Interview Appointment SMS charge (50 baiza)

Mobile Phone Applications

  • Oman Job Recruitment: Enables job seekers to register and inquire about their job application status, apply for jobs online, etc.
  • Na’mal: Enables users to reach some of the services provided by the Ministry of Manpower.

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