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As the number of graduates and job seekers in Oman are gradually increasing, the Sultanate has paid a special attention to its human resources as it is the backbone for its development. Thus, it provides them with a number of services according to their needs.

Basically, Ministry of Manpower and the Ministry of Civil Service shoulder the responsibility of employment in Oman. They are aiming at opening channels of communication between the employers and job seekers. Their role can be summarized as following:

First: The Role of the Ministry of Manpower

The Ministry of Manpower plays a major role in regulating the job market and issuing the regulations and decisions related to it. According to one of the Ministry's prerogatives "Implementing and following up all programs relating to the employment of national workforce and assessing its performance in cooperation with the concerned authorities," the ministry provides various eServices to help jobseekers find suitable jobs. Here are some services:

Hiring jobseekers: A service that enables jobseekers to look for a job in the private sector according to the categories of: major, institution, and the governorate they would like to take place in.

Manpower Registration System: This back-end system works on information management and documenting and preserving the official documents of the jobseekers so that employers can reach to their information easily.

Moreover, the Ministry works on following up the graduates of various high education institutions in an attempt to investigate their engagement in the job market through graduates’ survey
The Ministry also opens an online platform for the complaints regarding the wages and gives the employer the possibility of replying to these complaints.


  • 2013 Third GCC e-Government Awards
  • 2013 Award creativity of design Competition in the e-government Arab (Field sites ministries)
  • 2012 Sultan Qaboos Prize for Excellence in e-government services for the year
  • 2011 Manpower get ISO 27001 certification for information security
  • 2011 Manpower gets the award for best e-content and the best e-running project Shared between the ministry and the Social Insurance Authority
  • 2010 Manpower system wins second place in the United Nations Award for Public Service
  • 2010 Ministry of Manpower win in the Sultan Qaboos Prize for Excellence in e-government services
  • 2009 Manpower claim first place for the best institution electronically

For more details on the Ministry’s Awards, Please visit the Awards page in the Ministry of Manpower website.

Second: The Role of Ministry of Civil Service

As it is the case with the Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Civil Service provides some services for jobseekers (Arabic only). It also gives them some tips for ideal job search (Arabic only). Additionally, as for the employees in the Sultanate of Oman, being citizens or expatriates, laws and regulations have been laid to set the infrastructure of a welcoming environment for all. The Labour Law is a reflective of the great importance placed on work and workers in Oman.

The Ministry also holds the responsibility of workers' affairs starting from their hiring procedures and ending by their retirement procedures through a number of services like:

Along with government websites, many Omani forums provide informative services to the public to keep up with the job market and develop the skills and capabilities of the employees in the Sultanate. Such forums are reliable and well-received by the public like job and business section (Arabic only) in Sablat Oman Forum.

According to the Labour Law , workers in Oman can "form labor unions to safeguard their interests, defend their rights and improve their materialist and social status and to represent them in all matters relating to their affairs". These labour unions form the General Federation of Oman Trade Unions that represents workers in local, regional and international meetings and conferences.


  • UN prize of public services: The Electronic Manpower System won this award, under the category of "developing and improving public services”.
  • The e-Government Medal of the designing creativity: The website of the Ministry got this award among other Arab governments. The event is organized by "tatwig" academy for excellence in Lebanon and the Ministry got the award in the fourth forum.
  • Sultan Qaboos Award of excellence in the eServices in 2012 on human resources system "Mawrid", under the category of "The Best e-Government Service Provided from Government to Government".


Here are some vacancies pages at the government websites:

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