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Nationality is considered as one of the important issues in all countries since it is a legal bond between the citizens and the nation to which they belong. Therefore, this section reviews all aspects relating to nationality started with Omani law, the conditions of nationality, the procedures for obtaining Omani nationality, Omani nationality rights and the deprivation of Omani nationality and the penalties.

The Royal Decree No. 38/2014 includes all matters relating to the law of Omani Nationality. Some of the articles of the Nationality Law that were issued in previous years has been amended under the Royal Decree issued in 2014. The Decree illustrated the details of Omani Nationality, as well as the deprivation of Omani nationality and the related penalties.

To read the details of the Royal Decree No. 38 \ 2014 on the Omani nationality law, please click here.

According to the Royal Decree No. 38 \ 2014, there are some important procedures for obtaining the Omani Nationality, including medical examinations for citizenship.

The rights and duties of Omani nationality

Omani citizen duties Omani citizen rights
Respect the basic system of the state and the laws and orders issued by public authorities as well as observance of public order and respect for public morals Non-discrimination in any form
defend the homeland is a sacred duty Freedom of expression and assembly
Preserve national unity and maintenance of state secrets and the duty of every citizen The right to participate in the political decisions of the state
Paying taxes and public dues is a duty according to law Right of private property
  The right to personal privacy
  Freedom of religion
  Gender equality

To read more about the rights and obligations of the Omani citizen, you can visit this page.

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