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This section reviews the services provided by Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in the agricultural sector such as the activities of Agriculture, Irrigation and equipment.

  • Establish protective walls for farmlands
  • Permit to import Agricultural products
  • Permit to import Pesticides
  • Permit to import Plant /Plant products
  • Request Import permit for fertilizers and agricultural soil conditioners
  • Request financial support for the private sector in agriculture
  • Request financial support to buy tilling tools
  • Request for Agricultural Waste Grinding Machine
  • Request for a fragmentation of agricultural residues system of financial support
  • Request for managing palm pests
  • Request for shelter for plants
  • Request for spraying machines
  • Request for units CBS and manufacturing system of packaging Omani dates as a means of financial support
  • Request house plants through financial support
  • Request large agricultural machinery through financial support
  • Request subsidy for Green Fodder Cutting Machines
  • Request subsidy for Shearing Machines
  • Request subsidy for grain pedal system
  • Request subsidy for high-pressure Spraying machines
  • Request sugar cane pressing machinery through financial support
  • Request support for modern irrigation systems for farmlands
  • Request to change the use of an agricultural land
  • Request to develop falaj irrigation system
  • Rural women department services

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