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This section consists of a range of services related to fishing activities like training, consultant services, investment projects as well as licensing services.

  • Commercial Fishing Ship Licence
  • Commercial Fishing Ship Sailing Permit
  • Consultancy Services on Fisheries Quality Control and Associated Products
  • Fisheries Products Manufacturing Installation Permit
  • Fishing Practicing Licence
  • Fresh Fisheries Analysis
  • Frozen Fisheries Analysis
  • Ice, Dissolved Water and Residues Analysis
  • Initial Licence for Coastal Fishing Ships
  • Investment in Fisheries Manufacturing Projects
  • Live Fish Stock Conservation
  • Live Fish Stock Import Permit
  • Live Fish Stock Nutrition Import Permit
  • Manufactured Fisheries Products Analysis
  • Nonprofessionals Fishing License
  • Permits for Expatriate Sailors or Technicians on Professional and Commercial Fishing Ships
  • Professional Fishing Boat Licence
  • Professional Fishing Ship Licence
  • Request 1 day Recreational Fishing Licence
  • Study and Evaluation of Risks Analysis System & Control of Critical Points
  • Training on Fisheries Products Manufacturing
  • Training on Fisheries Quality Control & Seafood Safety
  • Transfer of Live Fish Stock Licence (for one trip)
  • Transfer of Live Fish Stock Licence (for one year)
  • Veterinary permit for Importing Live Fish & fish Products and Ornamental Fish

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