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This section provides the issuance of licenses, veterinary certificates medicines, vaccines and the activities related to livestock services.

  • Import Permit For Animal Feed
  • Import Permit For Livestock (sheep or goats)
  • Permit import of live animals and birds
  • Permit to import animal products and residue
  • Permit to import hatching Unit
  • Permit to import pets
  • Permit to set up animal or agricultural buildings
  • Register a bee hive certificate
  • Request a Permit Certificate for Animal Husbandry
  • Request for Egg Hatchery Units
  • Request for Milk Pasteurization and Bottling Units
  • Request for license to import medicines and veterinary vaccines
  • Request for screening of veterinary medicines & vaccines
  • Request import permit for horses
  • Request no-objection certificate to import live animals, animal products and veterinary medicine residue
  • Request screening of animals and birds for export
  • Request screening of imported animals
  • Request subsidy for Animal Shelter
  • Request subsidy for Automated Cow Milking Unit
  • Request subsidy for Cow Milking Machines
  • Request subsidy for High Pressure Animal Sprayers
  • Request subsidy for Livestock Dipping Units
  • Request subsidy for Poultry Slaughter Houses
  • Request subsidy for honeybees breeding program
  • Sea Mammals Stock Import Permit
  • Veterinary License for Importing Reptiles and Amphibians
  • Veterinary License for Importing Semen, Ova and Embryos
  • Veterinary permit for Importing Animal by-products& animal Tools
  • Veterinary permit for Importing Poultry
  • Veternary screening of animal products and residue for export

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