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Family is the backbone of the society as it ensures its continuous development and well-being. Therefore, the government focuses on providing every family with its needs, whether material or moral. It has set plans and programs that guarantee that every member of the society gets equal services, including social security cases as defined by the Social Security Law (Arabic Only). These social security cases include the following::

1.Disabled people:

Disabled Persons Welfare and Rehabilitation Act (Arabic Only) was issued according to the Royal Decree no. 63/2008 to indicate the continuous endeavors that the Sultanate has made towards engaging this segment in the society. It also highlights the need to have a rehabilitation center to get an educational atmosphere that helps disabled people adopt with their disability. These centers also enable them to participate in developing the country through the programs available for them. The center provides medical care and psychological consultancy for the disabled as well. Concerned institutions conduct special programs to introduce the . Evidently, a number of welfare and rehabilitation centers dramatically increased in different regions in the Sultanate such as, the Disabled Children Welfare Association that was established in 1991, and the Omani Association for Disabled that was established in 1994. .

2.Social Insurance Entitlements:

The government gives financial aids for people who do not have a money provider. It provides them with a monthly income to cover their needs. It gives 80 OR for one person and 264 OR for one family as per the social insurance law. Different segments of society benefit from this program such as orphans, elderly people, widows, divorced women, unmarried women and prisoners’ families..

3.Elderly Welfare:

In light of his Majesty’s directives for elderly welfare, 8.4% (total percentage of elderly people in Oman) of old people have been provided with all their needs. Health institutions provide the elderly with all health services required. Furthermore, the Omani Association for Elderly Friends was established in order to raise awareness about this category.

Here are some services available for the elderly:


The following are some of the services that the government provides to citizens in case of death:


Juveniles refer to any male or female under the age of 18 who commits a crime. Hence, a royal decree no. 30\2008 on Juvenile Accountability was issued to regulate such issues. The department of Social Affairs at the Directorate General of Social Welfare shoulders the responsibility of caring about minors and teaching them in a proper way. This task is done in two ways:


by giving advice and guidance for minors and their families on misbehavior through home visits, awareness campaigns and lectures.


by reshaping and rehabilitating the personality of minors so they get involved with his family and community.

Reporting Social Security Cases

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Social Development receives reports related to social security case, studies each case and refers them to the concerned persons to take the necessary action.

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