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Social Housing

In order to provide a decent life for every citizen in this country, it has created many social housing programs as part of the Ministry of Housing policy to support citizens from low-income families and the families of social security to improve the standard of living for those families and assist them in achieving social stability through the provision of adequate housing.

The work in the field of social housing is regulated by a set of laws and decisions, including the Social Housing Act issued by Royal Decree No. (37/2010) and organizational regulations issued by Ministerial Decree No. (6/2011). The ministry offers three private social housing programs which are:

Condominiums program:

This program contributes to the creation of housing complexes for low-income citizens and they many facilities that are available and necessary services such as mosque , Sablah, markets , Craftsmanship centers , school and modern roads, which contribute to the increase of the population link their local villages and enable them to exercise their economic and social activities of traditional handcraft, farming, fishing and herding complexes through the provision of adequate housing covered by various escort services.

Housing assistance program:

It aims to help families with limited income who do not exceed the monthly income (300) RO and families that fall under the social umbrella, and grant assistance only once to build a house or renovating an existing or make additions to or rebuild a maximum value of dwelling (20,000) Twenty RO a gift from the state is not listed, and in the case of the death of the owner of housing assistance request is transmitted the request to his minor children while retaining the previous priority in demand.

Housing loan program:

It aims to grant housing loans without interest for citizens of low-income people who do not earn less than (301) RO month does not exceed (400 RO) when submitting the application and not more than (500 RO) when you get the approval, and the craftsmen are estimating Income calculates the average monthly income in one year to be within the limits of the amount referred to when up role to them, with a maximum loan (20) RO A, and is repayable in monthly installments not exceeding (25%) of the total borrower's income, and have priority in Housing loans for situations that destroys the home in whole or in part because of a fire or natural disasters and any other cases estimated by the ministry, and in cases other than those referred to be the priority according to the date of application.

The general conditions for entitlement to the housing unit or housing assistance or housing loan are:

  • To hold Omani nationality.
  • To be above the age of twenty-three years, whether man or woman unless it is proved that he is married and the age not less than twenty-one year or he is the only breadwinner for his family when submitting the application.
  • To not personally or his wife own an appropriate residence or have made any kind of legal actions to benefit from the provisions of this law.
  • should not have benefited or his wife by residential unit, residential help accordance with the provisions referred to social housing laws or any law or other systems that help him to build a house or get a loan.
  • He should not be working in a housing lending system for its employees, with the exception of the retired has never getting a housing loan from the previous work.

Furthermore, the Oman Housing bank offers housing loans for the following purposes:

  • Construction of a house.
  • Purchase of a completed house.
  • Purchase and completion of an uncompleted house.
  • Completion of an uncompleted house.
  • Expansion of existing house .
  • Purchase land subsidy.
  • Repayment and completing a house.

To read more about the conditions and instructions of these loans, you can visit the Housing Loans page at the OHB website.

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