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To complete a construction or undertake renovation, it is required to take formal permission from authorities and obtain building permits. Converting the use of land designated for agricultural or industrial purposes, and carry out construction in those plots must be formally approved. Soil inspection, merger of plots, modification of plot measurements, changes in title deeds must also be undertaken officially. Click on links below for more details.

  • Amending Planning requirements
  • Application for the Preparation of krookis for lands that have no previous krookis or deeds in Sohar
  • Application for the land parcel extension
  • Canceling the effect of land
  • Changing the use of plot
  • Changing Land Usage Application in Sohar
  • Changing the use of agricultural land
  • Compensation for affected land
  • Converting the Use of Land
  • Correcting name and obtaining new title
  • Dividing the land plot into two or more parcels
  • Extension Application in Sohar
  • Integration of plots
  • Integration of several plots provided that it commensurate with the scheme of the region
  • Major Building Permit Service in Muscat
  • Minor Buildings Permit Services
  • Minor Construction Permission in Sohar
  • Obtaining alternative to lost title
  • Overview of Applications for Marks Re-delivery for Housing, Commercial, Industrial and Farm Lands in Sohar
  • Permission for Soil Inspection in Sohar
  • Placing Restriction on the plot
  • Plots Merging
  • Proof of well ownership in the Regions
  • Ratification of Committee Decision
  • Registering a Committee Decision
  • Registering and Collecting Extension Fees
  • Registering and Collecting Plot Division Fees
  • Request a certificate upon completion of the construction of minor permit and retrieve the amount of insurance in Muscat
  • Requesting additional copies of building permit plans
  • Requesting for replacement of a building permit
  • Requesting to change name of owner in a building permit
  • Requesting to edit a building permit
  • Resurvey application
  • Separating or cutting off part of the land plot

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