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This section provides information and services related to the process of buying a property such as sale contracts, transfer of deed, deed of inheritance, loans, mortgages, engineering drawings for Real Estate (krookies), security approvals, long-term lease for farming, etc.

Lands in Oman are classified as residential, commercial, industrial and farming lands formally through documentation. Damaged or lost title of deed documents can be replaced with new ones. GCC residents are required to provide special security approvals for obtaining land ownership in Oman. You can find more details on the following pages:

  • Amending Planning requirements
  • Application for the land parcel extension
  • Apply for Construction Maps Approval
  • Apply for a Residential Land
  • Canceling the effect of land
  • Changing the use of plot
  • Correcting name and obtaining new title
  • Dividing the land plot into two or more parcels
  • Getting Security Approval to Procure Land for GCC Citizens
  • Integration of plots
  • Integration of several plots provided that it commensurate with the scheme of the region
  • Obtaining alternative to Damaged title
  • Obtaining alternative to lost title
  • Processing new copies of the land plot file documents
  • Processing new file application
  • Ratification of Committee Decision
  • Registering Usufruct
  • Registering a Committee Decision
  • Registering a Deed of Donation
  • Registering a Division Deed
  • Registering a Final Judgment
  • Registering a Sale Contract
  • Registering a Testament
  • Registering a mortgage in the event of issuance of a title
  • Registering mortgage in the event of non-issuance of a title
  • Registering of a Deed of Inheritance
  • Registering of an Exchange Agreement
  • Release of Mortgage with change of title
  • Release of Mortgage without change of title
  • Renewal and issuance of new survey drawing
  • Reproduction of Certificate of Real Estate

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