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The Sultanate’s government spares no effort in providing the social and economic requirements of the citizen and insuring their welfare. Housing is one of the most important human requirements that were organized by the laws and regulations. In 2005, many of the states of the Sultanate received many vital and important housing projects because the fact that the house is an important of housing need for each family.

Housing Laws and Regulations

The rules of housing are being stated by the royal decrees and ministerial decisions aiming at There are many housing laws and regulations, such as the Royal Decree - Executive Regulation to Organize Usufruct over the Sultanate’s Lands and Ministerial Decision - Regulations for Land Planning Controls. Also, there are further decrees and ministerial decisions that regulate the planning and use of the land parcels in the Sultanate.

For more information about the housing laws, you can visit the laws page on the Ministry of Housing website .

Ministry of Housing is aiming at providing a healthy environment by supplying the adequate spaces for housing and basic services associated with it in order to grant the stability of the citizens in all parts of the Sultanate. This helps in the balanced distribution of population in the different governorates around the Sultanate. . Based on the housing laws, the Ministry plans and distributes the lands with different uses, bearing in mind the following standards and specifications of a unified planning.

Cities and Area Planning

In order to grant citizens the right of stability in their places of residence, the Ministry's strategy focuses on land schemes planning aimed at achieving balance in development in the various governorates and regions of the Sultanate.

The policies of planning cities in all the provinces and regions of the Sultanate are distributed according to the following:

  1. Structural plans: Determining land use of the cities and villages.
  2. Detailed plans: Preparing detailed plans of the components of the towns and villages.
  3. Assistive studies that supports the decision making in the technical issues .

According to the eGovernment Transformation plan, the Ministry of Housing has lunched the geographic database system which can convert the spatial graphics into digital graphics. This contributes in all fields including urban planning and mapping, and the future plans for urban development in the Sultanate.

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