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Both private and commercial vehicles in Oman must be registered with an owner be it an individual or an organisation. This section provides details as to such vehicle registration, renewal and transfer of ownership. Details of obtaining free parking permits can be applied for by eligible residents and corporate and oman-registered vehicles can be exported. Information and services related to these can be found here and for more details click on the links below. 

  • Add/ Release mortgage
  • Cancel Vehicle Registration (Temporary/ Permanent/ Technical check Report)
  • Drivers Education license in Muscat
  • Exchange Registration Numbers and Plates
  • Export Vehicle(s)
  • Free parking permit in Muscat
  • Issue quittance certificate.
  • License top operate a Taxi in Muscat
  • License use of commercial vehicles in Muscat
  • Paid permit renewal position value in Muscat
  • Permit for Permanent parking in Muscat
  • Register Imported Vehicle(s)
  • Register Private Vehicles
  • Register Public Services Vehicle(s)
  • Register Rental Vehicles
  • Register Vehicles of people with special needs (disabled), people with low income
  • Register Vehicles of Diplomatic Missions & International Organizations.
  • Register a Commercial Vehicle
  • Register ships & boats for use in Oman
  • Register temporarily - Vehicles with non-Omani Number Plates
  • Renew lost/ damaged vehicle license or plate number
  • Renewal of Registration of Commercial Vehicles
  • Renewal of Registration of Private Vehicles
  • Renewal of Registration of Taxis and Driving Schools Cars
  • Request road and sea permits for trucks
  • Temporary Registration
  • Transfer of Ownership for Vehicles of Diplomatic Missions and International Organizations.
  • Transfer of Ownership of Commercial Vehicles
  • Transfer of Ownership of Government Vehicles to Individuals
  • Transfer of Ownership of Public Services Vehicles (taxi, Driving Schools Vehicles, and Cranes).
  • Transfer of Ownership of Public Services Vehicles (taxi, Driving Schools Vehicles, and Cranes).
  • Transfer of Ownership of Rental Cars/ On demand Cars
  • Transfer of Ownership of a Vehicle
  • Transfer of ownerships for Vehicles of people with People with disability, people with low income
  • Transfer parking permission from one region to another in Muscat

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