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Family is the basis of a community construction; moreover, a good family equals agood community. Taking this as a standpoint , Department of Family Counseling and Guidance at the General Directorate for Women and Children Affairs was established in 2001. The department offers free social services and targets all citizens who suffer from psychological or social problems.

It receives those who seek guidance and conducts initial interviews with them to classify their condition, answer their questions, and then decide what type of services it can offer to them. Then, guidance sessions will be organized, if necessary, according to the applicant’s circumstances.

The patient will be asked to fill in some forms to get this service and the department in charge will decided on the required documents, cases of eligibility, the period of providing the service, and the time of completion:

Family Counseling and Guidance

The department also offers family telephone consultancies service through calling the toll-free number 80077788. Social workers or psychologists will respond to callers to advise them and give them appropriate solutions to their problems. If needed, the call center staff would give the applicant a number in case the social consultant set a need of a follow up with his/her case.

The telephone consulting service is available from Sunday to Thursday from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm.

In addition, the department provides a service of delivering preventive awareness lectures for free, where the section of Preventive Awareness Programs at the Family Counseling Department receives requests to deliver awareness sessions in schools, universities, Omani Women's Associations, men and women’s central prisons, staff and employees of institutions and government bodies, or any other groups in community. The Department and the applicant should agree upon a date and a location that suites both. The applicant can choose the topic of the session from the list provided by the Department or select a topic according to his/her needs and circumstances. However, a formal request must be sent to the Department to request this service.

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