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Parenthood A Mother's health is her baby’s health; therefore, mothers are paid attention and care in the Sultanate. So, Maternal and Child Health Department, follows up mothers step by step since the beginning of pregnancy to maintain their health even after birth. Ministry of Health had published several brochures and pamphlets to guide parents throughout maternity and paternity.

With the changing lifestyle of the Omani society, the mother had to work to support the father in providing means of a decent life. Thus, the government does its best to support parents, such as allowing recruiting of housekeepers and workers to take the housekeeping burden off the parent’s shoulders.

Get a permit to recruit a foreign labor

The Sultanate realizes that supporting financially and physically-incapable parents is on its responsibility. Thus, it provides a number of social security services for such groups; for instance, financial aid, lands, and scholarships for their children. It also provides many services such as: loans for projects to enable them to be independent and in cases of financial, environmental or health calamity, all citizens including social security families can apply for social assistance.

Obtain Social Security Services
Social Aid Services
Social Security Family Projects Services

A widowed mother, who has no source of income that can cover her life expenses and her children’s, also has the right to obtain social security services by the Ministry of Social Development.

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