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Public welfare require giving attention to educational field and the need for an intensive effort to support the education development which his Majesty Sultan Qaboos considered a priority for the Sultanate to promote national development. In His Majesty said: “People’s education and training should start as soon as possible", he supports the fruitful efforts that can be done to develop the different sectors in the Sultanate because people's education and training are the primary engine to accelerate development.

Asserting to the Sultanate’s principles that are the foundation of the policies, the Basic Statute of the State was declared. It stresses on the importance of giving priority to education as it is a vital sector. That is achieved through supplying the sectors of the Sultanate with a generation that is capable of development as well as set its distinctive Omani footprint.

Schools in the Sultanate form the basic premise since education is one of the key factors of a successful generation. Ministry of Education takes the responsibility of developing plans, curriculum and building schools in Oman. It works also to connect them with each other through the Educational Portal. Education in schools is divided into two stages:

  1. Basic education: The period of study in this stage is ten years.
  2. Post-basic education: Its period is two years.

After completing these stages, the student gets a diploma of general education certificate. This certificate enables the student to compete for a seat in the higher education institutions. Therefore, Higher Education Admission Centre (HEAC) was established according to the royal decree number 104/2005 as a center that is responsible for follow-up to accept students from graduates of General Education Diploma in the higher educational institutions. His Majesty took into consideration the needs of his people in all areas and the Royal Decree No. 13/85 gave the rules and regulations of scholarships and grants. In 2006, a Royal Decree was issued regarding the regulations and the laws of private schools in the Sultanate.

Sultan Qaboos University is the first government university in the Sultanate. It was established according to the Royal Decree number 9/86.

The Sultanate has spared no effort to keep up with the era of rapid evolution. That is why the higher education has become one of the most important requirements in the development process which would provide the necessary awareness for the people of this country.

The Ministry of Higher Education was established according to the Royal Decree number (2/1994) to be put the main entity responsible for the governmental and private universities, colleges and education institutions in the Sultanate.

The Royal Decree number 70/2000 on establishing the Directorate of General and Private Universities and Colleges as a separate department in the Ministry of Higher Education.

That is for His Majesty to encourage the involvement of the private sector in the process of development of higher education. A number of universities, private colleges, military colleges, and technological colleges were established to contribute to attract graduates and follow the regulation of private universities and colleges and its implementing regulations and have their legal personality.

The Council of Higher Education was established by the Royal Decree No. (94/98) to be the basic premise in shaping the policies of Higher Education in Oman. The Research Council was established by the Royal Decree No. 30/2010 and it is responsible for the promotion of scientific research and encouraging innovation in the institutions of higher education in the Sultanate.

The Ministry of Education has issued a ministerial decision No. (6/2012) on the formation of the Omani National Committee for Education, Culture and Science to be the link between the global and regional organizations, and through which the announcement of the Sultanate's efforts in the areas of education, culture and the coordination between the concerned authorities in this area in order to conduct conferences.

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