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Giving a career advice and guidance is of a paramount importance to students. Thus, the Ministry of Education concerned about providing guidance to the students in order to prepare them for the decision making of their future career. This was achieved through establishing the National Careers Guidance Centre (NCGC) as per a ministerial decree issued in 4/1/2003 by The Higher Education Council.

The National Careers Guidance Centre (NCGC) provides career guidance services for students and job seekers to give them a hand towards getting a job that suits their skills. Accordingly, schools have been provided with qualified and trained staff to guide high school students and help them to determine their future careers and the colleges they want to enroll for their higher studies. A website, as well, designed especially to serve students with regard to getting information about universities and colleges and their official websites links.

As part of its cooperation with education institutions and entities in the Sultanate, Ministry of Higher Education agreed to establish a center responsible for admission processes in the higher education institutions. The center is the Higher Education Admission Centre and launched in accordance with the Royal Decree no. 8/11 (Arabic Only) that includes the regulations and policies the center shall follow. The Centre helps the following categories of students:

  1. Students with general certificate and currently graduates from high school.
  2. Students with certificates substitute general certificate they got from schools inside the Sultanate during the current academic year. It includes: Royal Guard of Oman Technical College, Islamic institutes and bilingual private schools inside the Sultanate with international certificates.
  3. Students with certificates substitute or equal general certificate they got from outside Oman during the current academic year.
  4. Students with the general certificate or a substitutable certificate whether they got from schools inside or outside the Sultanate during the previous years and want to study in private higher education institutions only.

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