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Due to the importance of education in strengthening the sustainable development, the Sultanate has witnessed a wide prosperity in the educational level. As evidence, the number of schools and combating illiteracy centers has increased remarkably all over the Sultanate during the past years. As a result, the number of educated people increased and the number of uneducated decreased.

The Ministry of Education exerted many efforts to bridge the gap of illiteracy. Since 1973/1974, illiteracy workshops held in the regular schools. This step came as per a Ministerial Decree no. 203/75 of issuing a certain regulation for schools that teach old people. The decree amended in 1981 due to the principle of obtaining jobs equality among citizens. Previously, the Ministry was in charge of combating illiteracy, but then the responsibility has been transferred to Literacy and Special Education Department which is concerned of providing anything the illiteracy schools need.

The Ministry of Education paid much attention of providing the schools with teachers and books, as well as the graduates with general diploma volunteered to teach illiterates in 2002/2003. Moreover, the Ministry provided many training programs to qualify general diploma graduates.

In 2004/2005, the Educated Village project implemented in Barka aimed at combating illiteracy during one year. However, due to extending the period of learning to three years in the illiteracy schools, the period has been extended too. The project, as well was aimed at raising the level of economic and social awareness among villagers and give the women a chance to effectively participate in the community.

The sultanate seeks to achieve its commitments with international institutions regarding eliminate the percentage of illiterates in the Sultanate. For example, the Sultanate participated in Education for Everyone Conference at Dakkar in 2000 affiliated to UNISCO. The Sultanate gave a testimonial of eradicating illiteracy by 2015 with 50%.

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