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Sultanate of Oman is keen on giving the best care and all rights to the disabled children. It gives a high attention to help them live a normal life without distinction between them and intact children. Therefore, many laws and regulations were issued such as:

  • “Disabled Persons Welfare and Rehabilitation Act” by Royal Decree No. 63/2008.
  • “The implementing regulations for the establishment of rehabilitation centers” by Ministerial Decision No. 124/2008.
  • “Promulgation of rules governing the issuance of status cards for disabled people” by Ministerial Decision No. 94/2008.
  • “The National Committee of Disabled Persons Welfare” by Ministerial Decision No. 1/2009.

In addition to that, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was signed and ratified by Royal Decree No. 121/2008.

Many educational and training institutions were established to include persons with disabilities, including:

  • Disabled Care and Rehabilitation Center.
  • Care Home for Disabled Children in Muscat .
  • Wafaa Social Centers: which are 19 centers according to Wafaa Centers Services Directory_ Arabic only (a subsidiary of the Ministry of Social Development).

There are also a number of privet rehabilitation centers working under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Development such as:

  • Muscat Center for Autism.
  • Creative Center for Rehabilitation.
  • The Association of Early Intervention for Children with Special Needs.

All these centers works on enhancing disabled children’s (often between 4-18 years) daily life skills to be as independent as possible.

Some social associations works in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Development and Ministry of Education, represented by the Special Education Department runs schools and special programs for disabled children, such as:

  1. Al Ammel Deaf School.
  2. Intellectual Education School.
  3. Omar bin al-Khattab Blind Institute.
  4. Treatment of learning disabilities program.
  5. Integrating people with special needs program.

You can apply for disabled children services through:

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