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Lawyers system:

This system was designed to contain a centralized database of the lawyers in the Sultanate. The potentials of this system lay in storing all the needed data of the lawyers in Oman. Moreover; the system contains other facilities such as amending the data of lawyers movement such as moving from Office / law firm to another, or in the case of any upgrade in the law degree of the lawyer (under the training to primary lawyer to appeal lawyer to Supreme lawyer).

The website of the Ministry of Justice provides a smart form of Lawyer Details Form / Lawyer under training The lawyers could fill in the data and confirm it then move to electronic payment page and pay a 1 RO fee.

After the payment the applicant must print the form and take it to the Ministry of Justice with the following documents:

  1. Certificate of manpower record that states that the applicant is unemployed.
  2. Certificate from the Ministry of Trade and Industry that the applicant does not have a commercial register.
  3. Solar blue background image.
    The employee in the Department of Lawyers Affairs will fill in the data of the applicant in the lawyers program and make all needed amendments and then print out the card to the lawyer.

Experts system:

Ministry of Justice website provides a service of requesting a registration in the experts table. The expert must fill in the smart form of Lawyer Details Form / Lawyer under training on the site and pay the value of (1) OR electronically, then print it and take it to the Ministry of Justice with the following documents:

  1. Copy of the passport.
  2. Copy of the identity card for Omanis.
  3. Copy of Resident card for non-Omanis.
  4. Copy of the academic qualifications and certificates of specialization certified by the competent authorities.
  5. Copies of experience certificates certified by the competent authorities.
  6. Good conduct certificate for Omanis (Salutation made by the department).
  7. Certificate of no criminal record for non-Omanis (Salutation made by the department).
  8. "To Whom It May Concern" certificate issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry with license to practice the profession indicating the mandate type with signature.
  9. medical examination (Salutation made by the department).
  10. Two (2) photographs.
  11. Disclose of the acts practiced by the applicant in the area of specialization.
  12. A signed approval of the employer in writing if the applicant is a non-Omani with a statement of his job and the type of authorization.
  13. The applicant must not be working in the government sector, and a proof of that must be submitted.
  14. Attach a certified signature model of the expert from his work place.

The employee in the Department of Experts Affairs shall review the documents to conform whether they met the conditions or not, then the committee will meet to consider the files of applicants for the position of Expert and shall record the meeting. For people whose requests were accepted, the Department of Experts Affairs will coordinate with the Court for the performance of the oath. Then it will issue a draft decision and based on it the expert's data will be filled into the database, and a registration fee must be paid (30 OR for Omanis and 50 OR for non-Omanis). These fees are also the same for annual renewal, then the employee will print the expert card and hand it over.

Interactive Voice Response System (IVR):

A System through which inquiries are made about the status of the proxies issued by the notary and whether they are valid or canceled through entering the document number you want to inquire about. This contributes to the formation of reliable window of information, which saves effort and time of the applicant and gives them peace of mind by checking their status shortly after actual cancellation by notary who enters the canceled documents in a central database through the Interactive Voice Response System (IVR). This database will be linked to the Electronic Government Services Portal, which ensures that all implementing agencies will be informed with the cancellation in a timely manner.

Statement of an orphan account:

The service of an orphan account statement enables access to detect orphans' accounts of their invested money with the General Directorate for Administration and investment of orphans and minors funds.
The service provides each court with a user name and password to view the statements of the accounts of orphans underneath its authority without reference to the department of investment of orphans and minors funds in the Ministry of Justice. The orphans also have user names and passwords so that their guardians can access the account statement.

The Ministry of Justice seeks to achieve equality and to ensure that all citizens' rights are reserved, therefore it provides the following services to achieve the principle of justice which is the core of it:

  • Application for Settlement at the Conciliation & Reconcile committee
  • Attestation
  • Authentication
  • Authentication of Date of Customary Documents
  • Complaints submitted against Judges
  • Enquiries about the Proxies issued by the Notaries Public
  • Enrolment of non-Omani advocates
  • Extract from records
  • Facsimile/ True copy
  • Investing Funds of Orphans and Minors
  • Notary Public Movement outside the Department to perform work

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