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Child Care begins in Oman before a baby is born through maternal and child health department programs. These departments receive pregnant mothers to follow her and her fetus’s health through regular check-ups to give the mother all the tips and medications needed to maintain her health and her baby’s. This care continues after the baby delivery.

The maternal and child health department is keen on monitoring the various health institutions to ensure that they deliver full care for mother and child, and receive reports of child abuse to deal with it for the Ministry of Health trains health workers on how to detect such cases of child abuse and report them immediately. The Ministry of Health also provides the child vaccinations from the first day of its life. Next, the school health department takes care of following up the children’s vaccinations in school.
The Ministry of Health celebrates World Breastfeeding Week in August of every year. All mothers are encouraged to abide to it, because the Ministry is aware of its importance to the health of the individual in his/her childhood and in the future.

The following are some information and services related to parenting such as registration of birth, getting an official birth certificate, finding child care centers, public nurseries and children’s corners, finding foster families for orphans:

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